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Caramelicious Chocolate Mousse


  • 125gm sugar

  • Yolk 141gm

  • 425gm Dark Chocol 

  • 625gm cream


Caramel : 3-4 teaspoon of Caramelicious Salted butter



- Semi whip the cream (3/4 volume)

- Melt the chocolate in "bain marie"

- Softcall sugar until temperature reaches 121ºC and make "pâte à bombe" with the yolks

- When yolks mix has cooled down add 1/3 chocolate and mix through.

- Add 1/4 cream & mix through

- Repeat process to both cream & chocolate until all combined.

- Add 3-4 teaspoons Caramelicious Salted Butter or any other flavours. (Depending on taste, if you want to add less or more)

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