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About our addiction to caramel

We are obsessed with making the best caramel in the world.  We’re passionate about serving innovative, charming and authentically French salted caramel that leaves our customers craving for more. Our core value is Tradition et Qualité which remains at the heart of everything we do from sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients, to the creation of our recipes and presentation.

"Quality, Craftmanship 

and Responsibility"

are the watch word

of this family-business.



Caramelicious’s uncompromising quality standards and commitment to using only the finest ingredients can be tasted in every bite. There are no preservatives, colorings or additives, additionally is gluten free.


With a traditional recipe, which has passed down through generations, French born Rémi & Breena Tremsal have succeeded in recreating the spirit of traditional salted butter caramel in Australia.


Meet the team

Rémi, Caramel Artisan & Founder

Rémi, French born, moved to Australia in 2003 to further his career as a jockey. After a  back injury in 2011, for his recovery he was forced to stay away from the track for several months. During his convalescence he indulged into his other passion: Cooking!

Having great passion for fine confections he received rave reviews for his homemade caramels, he then has turned his passion into a caramelicious business.

A confectioner at heart, he is most often found in the kitchen presiding over batches of bubbling caramel making sure they are just so or tinkering with new ingredients and recipes.

Sharing his favourite creations with the world makes him happy!

Breena, Marketing Manager

Breena, Mauritian born, is a lover, not a fighter, especially when it comes to delicious traditional caramel. An artist by day and a foodie by later that day, Breena saw the potential in Rémi's yummy caramel concoctions and the rest is living history.

Feeding her sweet tooth makes her happy! 

We hope you enjoy our gourmet salted caramels collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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