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Vanilla Custard Caramel


  • Yolks 4

  • 50g sugar

  • 10g Cornflour 

  • 10g  flour

  • 225g milk

  • 25g cream

  • Vanilla bean ½

  • 13g Butter


Caramel : 3 teaspoon of Caramelicious Cocoa Hazelnut 



- Mix the yolk, sugar, flour and cornflour in a bowl until pale and well combine(by hand & whisk)

-  Heat up milk, cream & vanilla in a pot

   When milk mixture is warm/hot add the egg mixture and whisk together

-  Still on the stove, keep whisking until it all thinkens and come shinny & smooth…
    While cooking out the cornflour

-  Take off the stove, add butter and mix through

-  Pour into a bowl & glad wrap directly on top…

-  Refrigerate.

-  Assemble and Decorate the Mille-Feuille using Carême Traditional Pastry

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