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Bonjour from Rémi & Breena Tremsal

It's time we introduced Founders of Caramelicious, Rémi & Breena Tremsal have put their heart and soul into developing an exceptional Salted Caramel in Australia.

Q: What can you tell us about the business of Caramelicious?

RnB: We are a family owned business making French salted caramel with our family recipe which was passed down three generations. We have succeeded in recreating the spirit of French traditional salted butter caramel, here in Australia. Our caramels come in 5 different flavours, salted caramel, vanilla, cocoa, cocoa hazelnut and coffee. They are a spread, sauce or dip.

Q: What makes you the perfect people to do what you do?

RnB: Salted caramel is French and we have a recipe that has been passed down from generations. Caramelicious is a passion and a dream it’s about creating the things we love and sharing them with others.

Q: Do you offer any gluten free products?

RnB: Yes, all our products are gluten free.

Q: Do you try to use local ingredients?

RnB: We mostly use local ingredients but when necessary, we use imported ingredients where we believe it will make a difference to the quality of the finished product.

Q: How do you make doing business with you easy for your clients?

RnB: We are flexible with the needs of our clients, we are happy to help them choose the best caramel for their requirements or also develop customised caramel that will help distinguish their product from the competition.

Q: What do you think people don’t really know about salted caramel?

RnB: Australian consumers have been introduced to salted caramel in the past five years when it has been known in France for many years now. That’s why it’s important for us to show ways of eating and enjoying salted caramel.

Q: Do you have customers who come up with really interesting ways to use your salted caramels?

RnB: We do! La Sirène beer used our caramel which was an award-winning product with our sweet addition. Companies such as Donut man, The Gourmet Merchant, Gelato & yoghurts businesses add our delicious product to theirs, which makes the perfect combination!

Q: What is it about your caramels that makes them multi award winners?

RnB: The quality ingredients we use to make each flavour unique, our savoir-faire with a French recipe that was passed down generations and the passion we put into making our products the best.

Q: What surprising flavour do you have?

RnB: Clients are often surprised to know that we have a coffee flavour. It isn’t a typical caramel flavour so they are always happy to try it. It is an exquisite, yet subtle taste of coffee!

Q: Do you provide recipes, serving suggestions and any other advice?

RnB: Of course, you can look for ideas and advice on how to use our caramel on our website and don’t hesitate to share your recipes we’d be happy to try them.

Q: Do you think there’ll be any exciting new flavours coming up in the not-too-distant future? Can you let us in on any secrets?

RnB: You’ll have to keep your eyes open to find out more… Who knows?

Visit Caramelicious website for more information of all the products or to order online.

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