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Fine Food Australia 2019

Food and Beverage Trade Week from 9 - 12 September 2019

Here we go again, Caramelicious has a unique opportunity to showcase our Award winning salted caramels at Australia’s leading food trade event, Fine Food Australia.

Being held 9 to 12 September 2019 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, it is expected to attract over 23,000 trade visitors from the Food Service, Hospitality and Retail sectors. With buyers attending from small local businesses to large national and international buyers.

The vibrant space offered by the Global Victoria (Victorian Government) encourages interaction and networking amongst participants and each other’s contacts, creating additional opportunities that we cannot miss.

If you operate in the Foodservice, hospitality and retail industries, would like to expand your product line, or a customise caramel for you. Please contact us at any time to place an order or make inquiries.

We're also expanding Caramelicious brand outside Australia.

We encouraged you to visit The THi Group Pavilion where you can taste our Award winning caramels.

Our website for more information.

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