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Champion Sweet Preserve 2016

CARAMELICIOUS awarded Champion Sweet Preserve

& 3 Gold medals at the 2016 Royal Sydney Fine Food Awards.

Caramelicious is celebrating after winning Champion medal in Sweet preserve and 3 Gold medals at the 2016 The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) for our Salted caramel, Vanilla caramel and Coffee caramel.

“We are thrilled to win a second time Champion medal in Sweet Preserves. Our philosophy is about producing quality salted caramel in the French traditional artisan technique,it really confirms that all the hard work is paying off and our products really are of a high standard, ” said Rémi Tremsal.

Caramelicious’s win places its product as a leader within the fine food industry. We believe the medals will continue to help us achieve Innovation in the traditional artisan techniques of our business

Sydney Royal hosts an extensive array of competitions each year, shining a light on Australia’s greatest and most deserving producers. Hosted by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, the competition aims to promote Excellence in Agriculture amongst all industry stakeholders.

Customers looking to purchase the award-winning products are encouraged to visit our website for more information.​

At the Sydney Royal Fine Food and Beer and Cider Awards Night, held on the 23rd September 2016, we have the opportunity to taste quality, medal winning beer, cider and fine food. For the dessert served, it was a version of Sunday with our sweet Caramelicious touch of our salted caramel.

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